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About The Tempest

Introducing the ‘Tempest’

I designed the Tempest as all-round slope soarer – with its excellent low speed handling I recommend the ‘Tempest’ for the beginner to the more advanced pilot.  The tail boom is larger than some would expect- this is for rigidity with having a T-Tail and will reduce boom breakages.  The airfoils have been designed with a wide range of performance – from thermalling to fast flying and large aerobatic manoeuvres.  The Tempest’ doesn’t show any bad habits and will not bite you, believe me I’ve tried. 

The Tempest wasn’t designed for high speed Dynamic Soaring but is an excellent stable model for light DS and especially acro DS.

The wing is designed for 10mm servos, the fuselage nose should house the rudder servo (8-12mm width) and the Elevator servo is designed to be located in the vertical fin (10-15mm width).


Tempest – Designed by Jonathan Wells

Manufacturer - TJIRC

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