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Jono Wells Designs

Terra 2.5 designed by me, made by my manufacturer.

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Terra 2.5 Metre


Wing Area - 43.4 dm2
Stab Area - 4.4 dm2
Max wing area - 43.4 + 4.4 = 47.8 dm2
Maiden flying weight 2300g = 48.2g/dm2

Max wing loading for f3f = 75g/dm2 = 3585g

Custom Airfoils - JSK series, 6x  Custom airfoils in the wing.  

Terra 2.5m CG - Copy.JPG

The Terra 2.5 is designed as an all-round slope soarer with f3f performance, it is extremely grippy in F3F EM (Energy Management) style turns but also great at the good old reversals.  The Terra has custom designed airfoils (My own) which I call "JSK" series, the wing has 6 airfoils and have been designed for the CL range the glider was intended for, the Terra has large control surfaces at 25% of the local wing chord making it responsive with little control movement and the airfoil is good inverted  as a result the aerobatic performance is great.


Glass Layup - £630
Carbon Layup - £740
+ Postage



During the maiden flight

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