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Tempest 2.75m (Sports (with f3f in mind))

Wing Area - 50dm2

Horizontal Tail Area - 5dm2

Wingspan - 2750mm

Max flying weight - 4120g

Controls: - 

Airfoils - custom, multiple optomized wing foils (f3f in mind).

Wing servo bays: -

55mm x 46mm, for 10mm thick servos for both flaps and ailerons.

Elevator servo bay: -

38mm x 41mm for a Servo upto 12mm thick.

Wing Joiner: -

36mm x 12mm x 375mm total length.

Wing Ballast tubes: -

2x 10.5mm x 20.6mm x 249mm

Fuse ballast tube: -

20mm ID, 340mm long

CG Currently at 105mm - Pulls out slightly in a dive.

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