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Odyssey HM

Introducing the new Odyssey HM (hollow Moulded) 60 inch glider.

The Odyssey HM airfoils are custom designed to emulate the original foils with improved efficiency.  The energy retention of the Odyssey HM is amazing with its nice clean airfoils, but also harnesses the same characteristics as the EPP version.

Model info: -

Wing area - 475.8 sq inches (30.7 dm/2)
Wingspan - 60 inches (1520mm)
Maximum chord - 13.5 inches (343mm)
Removable fin - Secured by two cap head screws or you can tape it on
Maximum servo thickness 12mm.
Servo Pockets - 50mm x 42mm
Model weight - from 1200g

Available layups: -
Glass - £350
Carbon -£444
Double Carbon - £544


+ postage.


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