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Odyssey HM


Jonathan Wells holding the prototype Odyssey HM

Introducing the new Odyssey HM (hollow Moulded) 60 inch glider.

There's a picture below of Ron Broughton holding the EPP version (Blue) and Me Jonathan wells holding the moulded version (white).

The Odyssey was designed by Ron Broughton in around 2000 - 2001 for 60" slope pylon racing, the construction was EPP with golf shaft spars and covered with bullet tape for torsional strength and Solartex.  Ron's early designs were the TOP in the league beating all other designs it this class!  Ron struggled to get the ORIGINAL Mk.1 Odyssey to fly with this new radical design as all models at the time where a classic chevron shape, Ron used the center section off the Balistic and the outer wings were made from scratch... not realizing it needed a lot of noseweight to get a new C/G! As he had never made a flying wing like this before.. it took some time to master the C/G, he didn't take the new MAC point into consideration and as a result he left it for ages, tried again..... and was blown away with the turn rate of the model, WoW it was quick and turned on a dime!  The 'Odyssey' was born! A manufacturer made a model that looked just like the Odyssey and that one became well-known. Note* during these early days Ron's household didn't have the internet to hone his design and building skills and/or see what the competition is creating and couldn't spread the news about his creation.  Ron is self taught and is an incredible craftsman, his foam cutting skills are second to none.

Skip a few years, 15+ years lol....  Ron approached me to help make a hollow moulded version. I secretly worked on the project (it did take quite a long time due to workload and life getting in the way) I met up with Ron at a slope called Curbar Edge and surprised him with the prototype Odyssey HM, it sure put a smile on his face

Odyssey HM airfoils are custom designed to emulate the original foils with improved efficiency.
The energy retention of the Odyssey HM is amazing with its nice clean airfoils, but also harnesses the same characteristics as the EPP version.

Model info: -

Wing area - 475.8 sq inches (30.7 dm/2)
Wingspan - 60 inches (1520mm)
Maximum chord - 13.5 inches (343mm)
Removable fin - Secured by two cap head screws or you can tape it on
Maximum servo thickness 12mm.
Servo Pockets - 50mm x 42mm
Model weight - from 1200g

Available layups: -
Glass - £350
Carbon -£444
Double Carbon - £544


+ postage.

Colour options - Standard scheme is the picture below (Blue with Yellow & Orange) Custom schemes are available but require a non refundable deposit.

Ron Broughton is here witnessing the Odyssey HM for the first time, he was taken ill days after this flying session. Ron has had a rough time recently but he's doing well now.

The CAD was sent to my manufacturer and was machined directly into aluminium moulds, the fit and finish is amazing.

NEW! > Optional ballast kit <

    > Installation tutorial videos <

Ron with the Odyssey EEP on the Left and me (Jonathan Wells)with the moulded version (Prototype) on the right. 

The pre production Odyssey HM

First Odyssey Batch - Colour reference 


During its maiden flight in very high wind: -

A snippet from video above: -

Footage taken during Ron's surprise: -

First DS Laps for the Odyssey HM Prototype: -

Odyssey HM Prototype 22042022-1

Odyssey HM Prototype 22042022-2

Odyssey HM Prototype 22042022-3

Footage by Paul Caffery

Odyssey HM 1st Production model
Footage and video by - 'Stephen Jones Rc Aircraft' 

Wind speed during the flight - 26 - 32 mph.

This odyssey had 300g of ballast.

Odyssey HM Instructions

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