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Savage 30


Colour Template download

Download this template to design your own scheme (NO Camouflage), Stripes would be best for me until i gain more painting experience ;). Thanks J

Aircraft details: -
Composite - Hollow Moulded 
Wingspan: 30 Inches or 762mm
Weight: 325g-500g
​Detachable fin
Airfoils - JSK-P Series Airfoils  

Weigh VS wind speed requirements: - 
330g/11.6oz - 15mph/24kph 
500g/17.6oz - 18mph/30kph
On a good slope edge.
Note* Requires good slope lift for the best aerobatic and speed performance.

The "Savage"  is designed for front slope soaring in 15+ wind and of course Dynamic Soaring.

The pictures (Plain Orange scheme) and video below are of the prototype.


I maidened the Savage prototype but I had a servo problem during the maiden flight so I didn't have much time flying it.


This is a Video of the re-maiden where I had plenty of time flying the Savage enabling me to get a good feel for her and i had the opportunity to move the balance point and setup the control throws.

Savage 30 prototype first ever DS flight one day after the re-maiden, video above.

Dynamic soaring the Savage to 186mph.

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