About Practicalrc

Practicalrc was formed by Jonathan Wells a young RC enthusiast turned entrepreneur.


Who is “Jonathan Wells”


As a youngster (at 12 years old) Jonathan designed and built his own design RC hovercrafts and worked his way up to designing RC gliders.  Jonathan has been F3J National Champion and holds many DS speed records.  Jonathan designs and makes his own composite models.  Jonathan currently has 23 years of modelling experience (as of this year 2021), flying Radio Controlled helicopters, gliders, competing in F3J/F3B, some F3F and Dynamic Soaring,


Jonathan can design an RC Glider from scratch, draw the design in CAD, machine the tooling on his own CNC machine, hand make e.g.: as positive fuselage plug (tooling), hand polish the tooling and even making the final composite moulded part/rc glider and then fly the glider to its absolute limit.

Jonathan has been interested in electronics form a very young age and now makes his own electronic products.