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Install Service

I have 23 years of modelling experience, flying helicopters, competing in F3J/F3B, some F3F and Dynamic Soaring, I hold many site speed records, design and make my own composite models.  I am the designer of the TJIRC Magnus and Tempest.  With my experience I can supply a professional build service for gliders.  The build/install service I provide is for composite models, I do not assemble wooden kits.  When a service is agreed, and your model is sent to me it will undergo an external inspection on delivery and I will inform you immediately of any visible damaged caused by post and send pictures as required.I will work based on first come first serve and will work on one project/model at a time until it is complete so, please feel reassured that you will get a professional service completed in a timely manner.  Please allow me 2 weeks to carry out the work unless stated otherwise, you will be informed if I cannot make the deadline due to unforeseen circumstances.  Good communication is paramount to me.I have access to my own CNC and manual machines so I can make custom parts like G10 control horns/motor mounts, RX/servo trays, aluminium /steel location pins.I only use high quality epoxy glue to secure servos for example. 


I have composite moulding experience from CAD/CNC, hand crafting, mould making to creating high quality moulded gliders.


Please contact me for prices. Here are a few pictures of some installs I have done and picture of a composite model I produce.

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