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Savage 30

Savage 30 Setup Sheet 20th June 2019

This setup is what I use for my personal models and is recommended for normal slope soaring and Dynamic Soaring. Please adjust this base setup more or less to suite your flying style.  The wing control surfaces should be set level for launch and down 0.35mm for fast flying.  Once the CG is perfect the ‘Savage’ should not pull out of a dive and require a slight bit of down Elevator when inverted.  Please alter this as you wish for personal preference.  Note* moving the CG too far back will cause the model to pitch up and down and will start to tuck and/or pitch up. 
Please don’t be scared of the low-speed handling of the ‘Savage’ you will not experience a tip-stall as this has been eliminated in the design.  The Airfoils are custom made for this airframe and provide stability in all aspects of its flying. 

Spend a good amount of time getting the CG perfect for “you” first – then work on the aileron differential.  Yes, the aileron differential is correct being slightly more down than up to get the ‘Savage’ to axial roll perfectly.

Preferred control linkage: -

Savage 30 Linkage info

The control linkages as pictured above offer the most accurate control response and slop free setup.  IDS/LDS is not recommended for flying wings especially these small airframes - what you lose in drag (a very small %) you will gain in servo resolution and controllability.

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