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Gecko 60 DP

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Introducing the Gecko 60 DP.

A 60" flying wing for fast dynamic soaring. This glider was designed in collaboration with Dirk Pflug. CAD by me (Jonathan Wells) . Airfoils by Dirk Pflug.

I have flow a medium weight airframe to 265mph - first flight in high winds - after this flight a better C/G position was established with some extra help from my test pilot Spencer Lisenby, he flew his very heavy airframe to 295mph on its maiden flight.

Just recently Jan - Feb 2023 I produced a light version with an AUW of 1100g and flew it to 210 mph on a UK DS site. A great achievement for this weight.

The Gecko 60 DP is made by myself here in the UK, my workshop is kitted out with all i need to produce this aircraft.

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