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Repair Service

Please contact me with details of your damaged part(s), I require as many pictures as possible to see if the part(s) can be repaired safely.

I will work based on “first come first serve” and will work on one project/model at a time until it is complete.

Requirements: -

  1. Detailed pictures of the area you wish to be repaired.

  2. We agree a price, start and completion date.  If I can not make the deadline I will say.

  3. Post your part(s) to me in in packaging at least 2 inches larger than the contents, with adequate room and shock absorbent cushioning to protect the contest as best as possible (recorded delivery is PARAMOUNT).

  4. If I receive your damaged part(s) and there is more work than is stated, I will contact you with my findings, in the event of US not being able to come to an agreement, I will return your part(s) at your cost in the packaging supplied by you, by the postage method you choose (must be recorded delivery).  I will not be liable for any damaged caused by the delivery services regarding your returned part(s).

  5. I will repair the part(s) to the best of my ability and get the best finish possible.

    1. Note: Please remember the best way to get a perfect repair is to use the original mould the part came from and use the paint the manufacturer used.  This isn’t possible for me to recreate.  Example 1: - Patch repairs are the worst due to paint matching, in this case a small patch on the wing will require a full re-spray of the local area colour or the entire wing depending on the paint scheme.

    2. Example 2:- Naked carbon finished will not be re-created, but I will try my best with the same or similar weave cloth and clear coat or repair and paint high gloss black.

Some repairs I have completed

Kinetic 2 Metre DS glider

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