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Pico Switch RED

Pico Switch RED On/OFF Hall Magnetic Switch 
With battery redundancy
I deal for Electric gliders/F5J
​5 Amps

Pico Switch RED - picture 1
Pico Switch RED - Picture 2

Instruction Sheet

Demo Video at the bottom of the page

Features: -

  • Our intelligent Magnetic Switch knows what ON/OFF state it’s in, If the battery is disconnected with the switch in its off state, it will remember this for Seconds.  If the battery is disconnected when turned ON, the switch will be default ON when reconnected.   

  • Battery Backer - both inputs can be a battery or BEC/UBEC. The input with the highest voltage will be the main source of power.  If both inputs are the same voltage, then the source of power will be both “simultaneously”.  If a battery fails or goes under voltage the switch will disconnect/isolate that battery from the circuit, if it recovers, the switch will re-engage it.  “Pico Switch RED” allows you to use batteries of different capacity, number of cells and chemistry type. 

  • Our switches have an interactive feature - The LED flashes under normal use, when the magnet is placed over the active area, the LED goes solid "ON" as the magnet is sensed, as soon as the timer has counted 3 seconds the LED goes "OFF" and gives a confirmation FLASH until the magnet is moved away.

  • Swipe version - The Blue LED is on constant until turned OFF. • Our magnetic switch utilizes a Hall Effect Sensor (no mechanical switching parts). Careful firmware design ensures that stray magnetic fields cannot toggle the switch incorrectly; we guarantee 99.9% operating under normal conditions.

  • Positively switched – Ideal for electric models, esc safe, there’s no need for an opto isolator.

  • Safe and reliable: - Default ON – if the battery is disconnected (whilst in its ON State) and then reconnected the output will turn ON 99.9% of the time.  I.e. brownout due to bad battery connection.  The magnetic switch is programmed to sample the magnet over  the sensor for a set period without interruption and only  then will it turn the output OFF. ​

 Installation & Use: -
"3 Second" Version  - When the switch is plugged into the power supply for the first time the output will turn on and the LED will flash.  Securely mount the switch as close to the fuselage or wing surface as possible.  To locate the sensor simply sweep over the predicted sensor location, when the switch senses the magnet the LED will go solid (ON) indicating the perfect position.  Use a marker pen and mark where the sensor is located and use a piece of double-sided tape and/or a piece of sponge to hold the switch in place.  To turn the switch off, place the supplied magnet over the sensor and the LED will go solid (ON) then count for 3 seconds or more without interruption the output will then turn OFF, the LED will flash to confirm and continue to flash until the magnet is moved away.
The "Swipe" version - Simply swipe the magnet over the sensor (slowly) to turn the output ON/OFF.  Please allow 1.5 seconds between turning the switch OFF and then ON again.

Tips: - 
3 Second Sample: To turn the switch OFF count
1, 1000, 2, 1000, 3, 1000. 
To turn the magnetic switch ON just swipe the magnet over the sensor. 
Swipe: To turn the magnetic switch ON/OFF just swipe the magnet over the sensor. 

Please ensure a full range check of the model is undertaken prior to use.

Ratings: -

Supply voltage 3.5 - 9v, 2 cell Li-po/Li-Ion
Dropout voltage (Input vs output) ~40µV
Maximum Operating current : -
Type 1 = 3A @ +25C ambient temperature.
Type 3,4,5 =  5A @ +25C ambient temperature.
Maximum Burst current - >20A
Standby Current (Quiescent):- ~ 16 - 35 µA

27.7mm x 14.06mm x 5.8mm
(1.051" x 0.553" x 0.228")

Warning!! –
Reversing the polarity of the supply may harm the switch. Please don’t remove the protective heat shrink covering, Doing so will void any warranty. 
This is not a voltage regulator it is only used as a switch thus switching the battery voltage to your receiver, servos etc.  It is not recommended to install the switch near electric motors and servos or anything that can create a magnetic field (110 Gauss operates the switch).  We will not be held liable for any accidents caused by improper use or incorrect connection of our devices.  It is up to the operator to maintain his/her Health & Safety.  We will not be responsible for damage caused by external influences.  Use at your own risk.
Our data sheet can be changed at any time without prior notice.

Operation example from a customer: -

Installed in an explorer f5j - As I am stretching the yge esc (bec set to 7.4v) to its limits and wanted a backup in case it fries.  I have a tiny 260 mAH two cell lipo and a tiny 5v 6g bec, plenty to get through a flight safely. Seems to be a good solution.

A "Free" Magnetic Fob with lanyard will now be included.

Type 1 - 7A, 22AWG Silicone, JR connectors

Price £40 + postage (Calculated at checkout).

Pico Switch RED - picture 3
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